domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015

Laaaaaaaaaaast post!

Ladies and Gentlemen. This semester, sooner rather than later, I made my first blog; but I never thought that this would be in English! It was a tremendous experience where I have addressed issues random and accommodate things I see and feel ... more to do, because I had to apply a strong power of synthesis where I put pieces of my views. Maybe, I extend to much.

The truth was a big challenge because I like to write in Spanish, but in English ... well, I went from not write anything to write something. I can't  say where I think but I try. 

In the future I would stick with football themes and politic, which are themes I like comment. I too bore to do it with sources and fundamentals, but hey, it's part of the process.
Thank you very much to all of you for reading my brief comments on this blog, I hope to see you in a new opportunity. This is a bit in order to improve my English , I know I need a lot of will and way to get me the paradigm that limits me and make me better express.

Sorry, I love Spanish language.

viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Valparaíso, my place in the world

Ahhhhh… Valparaíso! The best place in the world… at least for me, hehe. Valparaiso is my favorite city for your urban geography; your hills, full of houses and lookouts to the sea. Valparaiso is the city where I born and live, although today I travel to the city-port the weekends because I study in Santiago… “a porteño in Santiago”, please.

In this city I met to my best friends and a great woman… whom I visit from Saturday to Saturday. From “Valpo” I knew to football team Santiago Wanderers, the largest and oldest to Chile! In “Valpo” I knew the color green, the fans to team, the Playa Ancha Stadium… the passion!

Valparaiso is the ex-principal city port of Chile, the “cultural capital” according to government. The land of “chorrillanas”, the place of laaaaaaaaarges staircases and streets climbs. Ahhh… bares, pubs, restaurants, good sea food as the fried fish. How forget their trolleybuses and funiculars, go over to streets and hills of port. I like get on the trolleybus and look on the window the buildings and streets, olds and news…

This is Valparaíso, the city I love. I want to come back.

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2015

Rap instrumentals, my music

Well, today I want to talk about the music...which I listen. Among loose online inquiries and listening preferences of my friends and my acquaintances, I finally opted for instrumental rap and hip hop ... which are concepts that confuse me.

Rarely I stop to listen to songs with lyrics by rap, for one thing distrust of content, because I prefer the repertoire in Castilian and because the stay listening instrumental, with varying rhythms from what seemed to disco, through sampled from existing songs until those sounds loud speakers that can explode windows ... with those instrumental I am thinking about my own stories in my own sketches of lyrics.

However, I like to enjoy the rhythm, even though a loop because inexplicably intensifies my way to college or to my house ... to Valparaiso, to the places where reporting, etc.

Gradually I look for more examples of the genre, or well, more people that upload sample or instrumental themes. My favorite moment is the night, because with the rhythm of the instrumental fluctuate some thoughts and reflections ... effects of the night, just.

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Guarello, a mentor of contemporary football journalism

Hello again. Today I will talk about one expert in the sports journalism at Chile… More like in football journalism. He’s the controversial Juan Cristobal Guarello. Why him? Have more mentors in this area, but Guarello I came to mind first for your critics to management to leaders of Chilean football in ADN radio with “El show de Los Tenores” and Canal 13 in the news program Tele13, and comment football matches with irony, slyness and frankly.

Guarello is a sloppy person from your look until your monologues and comments, divide football fans in supporters and detractors. However, mainly has been supported by the critics of football fans because they identify with your indignation and anger for themes as the distribution of money from CDF to football teams, the assistance to public to the stadiums or the quality to the foreign players in Chile

He has worked in Chileans media as Canal 2 Rock & Pop, Chilevision, TVN, El Mercurio among other publications. Too he wrote books about football with the experienced journalist Luis Urrutia O’Nell (“Chomsky”).

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

I like cats (but I do not see myself with one)

Well, my parents never want it a mascot because we had always live in department and is complicated have a pet in that type of places, and also my mom hates pets. I had never had a dog or cat in my life basically. 

I like cats a lot, but I am allergic…I get to comfortable with cats I would be hours taking care of them but I end up snoring a lot. Cats are cute, pretty, but they need so much love. Maybe that is one of the advantages of not having a pet..not living for their needs and cleaning them. 

During the afternoons in the stairs of the sector where my girlfriend lives we always see cats everywhere and is like automatic we see a cat and we have to caress it…mostly in her case because she sits grabs the cat and caress it. I accompanied her and just enjoy the moment with her. 

Basically I like cats but I do not see myself in my home with one of them all day.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

A beautiful “wanderina” photo

Well, today I talk about a favorite photograph. Wanderers is my passion, and too for thousand from porteños and beyond. Thousand to porteños go that Sunday of January in a 2014, extremely sell smoke, to the Avenida Pedro Montt for unfurl the big flag of Santiago Wanderers, picking of the fans.

Since Plaza O’Higgins until Plaza Victoria, the largest flag with green and white colors it was charged for us, the wanderinos, screaming chants of stadium and the caturro hymn. The picture was taken from a pickup truck at a slow pace in the street, with the presenters of show in the squares raise cardboard stars with championships years (41’, 42’, 58’, 68’ and 2001).

I like this photograph because, in addition to being there, I lived a remarkable moment with my countrymen in honor to Wanderers, part of a historic moment where we walk in file with honor… with courage! With this photo I memory why I fan this football team. I feel trilled.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

The Simpsons, the best references

Okay, to me complicate think about one favorite series… But I remember my references of everyday comedies and I think in The Simpsons. Of course, isn’t live action, and that is the beautiful.

This series born in 1989 with success until today, pass through changes from the drawing of characters until scripts… disastrous changes of scripts. Pass over to histories about the Simpsons family in general or particular (for example, Bart go over to school year, Homer in Moe’s tavern, Lisa explore the Jazz or Marge suppress her works frustrations), passing for other characters as Flanders, Moe, Milhouse, Krusty, etc. However, today the production favor the cameos with others personalities (Lady Gaga, please) and excess of stereotyping for Simpsons family.
I stay by the 90’s episodes because that material it was contingent without force topics as use of cell phones or social networks everyday… and well, this episodes I produce nostalgia every time see them.